LiquiBlack is a cost-effective carbon black pigment used for color enhancement in various cementitious materials. It is the signature lamp black product produced by Concrete Chemicals going back to 1957 and is well regarded by ready mix companies nationwide.

LiquiBlack is a lower cost but highly effective alternative to other concrete pigment products. Ready-mix companies find our competitive carbon black prices a great advantage over the cost of using alternatives from other national suppliers.

Concrete Chemicals of California sells the industry leading LiquiBlack to ready-mix companies, pool plasterers, pool builders, masons, landscape architects, construction contractors, and the distributors who sell to these contractors.

Bulk Purchasing Service for Ready-Mix Companies

Concrete Chemicals offers delivery of bulk orders of LiquiBlack to ready-mix companies within 250 miles of our plant in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our liquid pigment can be applied to batches with your dispensing system or with our onsite dispensers. We will supply and maintain our dispensing system onsite at your plant, creating no hassle convenience, and savings for you. Batch operators can determine the correct amount dispensed into a batch from their control room.

One Gallon Jugs & Pallets of 192 Gallons

LiquiBlack is sold in cases of four one-gallon jugs. Ready-mix companies or distributors can purchase pallets of 48 cases or 192 gallons, and half pallets of 24 cases or 96 gallons. Some ready-mix sites find that using pallets or half pallets is more practical than having a dispensing unit, or they may sell LiquiBlack through their building materials outlets.

What is LiquiBlack

Liquiblack is a dispersed liquid carbon, sometimes called lampblack. It is used to darken concrete for curbs, gutters, gas station pads, sidewalks, walkways, driveways, or other concrete projects, public and private. It can be used in mortar or masonry work and in decorative concrete structures to create grays and shades of other colors in concrete. Some municipalities require slightly darkened concrete to reduce glare.

Who Uses LiquiBlack

Concrete delivery companies and all kinds of construction contractors use LiquiBlack.

Pool plasterers use Liquiblack as a black pigment to darken swimming pool interior surfaces to achieve colors ranging from light grey to black, or to darken other color hues.