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Concrete and Pool Pigments 

Serving the Pool and Concrete Industries Since 1957

We provide custom concrete and plaster pigments nationwide to pool plasterers and pool contractors, distributors, and concrete companies. Our master color technicians will create custom colors exclusive to your company or match any color you need. Our reputation is built on the highest quality in the industry, quick delivery, friendly and responsive customer service, and the best prices available in the industry.

Our Vibrant Line of Pool Pigments

With a color library of over two hundred colors, we understand what plaster applicators and their customers need for a smooth pool project from start to finish. Our 3C Color Lines are formulated to match standard plaster colors for all major branded pool finishes and may be combined with pebble, quartz, glass, shell, and other interior pool surface aggregates commercially marketed to plasterers. We also provide private color lines and our own Concrete Chemicals branded colors.

Our Signature Concrete Carbon Black

Concrete Chemicals of California has been proudly producing LiquiBlack since 1957. This cost-effective organic black pigment is renowned for its ability to enhance the color of various cementitious materials. Our commitment to creating quality products has ensured that LiquiBlack remains a signature product for Concrete Chemicals. We understand the importance of color and aesthetic appeal in modern construction projects and are dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality solutions. Trust the darkening enhancement of our product and the expertise that comes with 65 years of experience in the industry. Let LiquiBlack be the low-cost solution to your concrete color needs.

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I’ve been using Concrete Chemicals Pigments for over 16 years. We have never had a failure that I know of with at least 10,000 pool finishes under our belt. Concrete Chemicals have been very helpful In matching up custom color match ups for our exclusive product lines.

Our Commitment to Our Customers

For pool plasterers, we partner with you to create spectacular pools that thrill pool owners and inspire joy and life-long happy memories.
For concrete companies, we take pride in our contribution to your builds. We partner with you to ensure superior projects at low cost, reliable service, and the right aesthetic appeal for your customers.

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