Welcome to the 3C Color Lab

Our Color Lab

Our highly skilled color technicians can match or create any color in both organic and inorganic materials, depending on your preferences, customer needs, and cost. In a fast-changing and competitive industry, we specialize in creating custom color lines unique to your business to give you a competitive edge. Our colors match all standard industry-branded color lines. Our pigments are combined with the major pebble, quartz, and other branded aggregates available to plaster applicators. We have over 200 colors, hues, and tints in our color library to ensure we can match anything you bring to us. Give us a call and we can send you sample chips from any of our 3C Color Lines.

Our Materials

We source our pigments from the highest quality suppliers globally and find inspiration in the spectacular and complex hues nature provides. From the breezy aquamarines of the tropics to the cool blues of the Pacific, our pool pigments evoke a classic and lasting waterscape. With a natural palette in mind, we blend pigments for consistent durable color for every pool, every time. Our top-quality colors invite your customers into tranquil waters.

Inorganic Pigments

Our inorganic pigments, while more expensive, are increasingly popular due to their ability to withstand the elements and time. We supply pure powders and blended complex inorganics. Our inorganic line combines classic colors with the permanence of mineral and metallic materials. We use cobalt blue, cobalt aqua, green chromium oxide, red and yellow oxides, and black iron oxide, among others.

Our inorganic lines include 100% inorganic blends and high-content inorganic-organic blends that vary from 86% to 97% inorganic, allowing for strength and richness.

Organic Pigments

Organic pigments create incredible color combinations and allow for a vast spectrum of variety. We source our organic blue, green, red, orange, yellow, purple, and black pigments from reliable, high-quality, global suppliers to achieve bright, deep, and consistent color. We often blend organic and inorganic pigments, and our processing makes our formulations fade-resistant.